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About Me

Sophia DiPaolo (she/her) is a theater artist, who was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Drawn to the vibrant community, she started getting involved in theater programs at her school and in her community from a young age and never looked back. She came to New York to pursue a BFA in Drama at NYU  and to train at Atlantic Acting School, and has since fallen in love with New York Theatre.

Sophia is the Founding Co-Artistic Director as well as a member of the Marketing team of LOVECHILD Theater Company, a company started with her Atlantic Acting School cohort. With this company she has produced several productions including Gondal by Kimberly Belflower, Dirt by JoHannah James and Big Girls Don't Cry Cabaret.

Sophia is a Theater Artist, Producer, Director, Stage Manager, visual artist, and capybara lover. She loves all things art and performance, especially when she gets to make that art while engaging with her friends and her community. 

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